Red-tailed Hawk & Peregrines

February 23, 2012 in Near the Clock Tower, On the Clock Tower

On the morning of Ash Wednesday, this Red-tailed Hawk was chasing a squirrel on a utility pole near the corner of Jackson St and Methuen St. outside of the lawrence heritage State Park building.  The squirrel was just cagey enough to outsmart the hawk, but it was fascinating to watch their game of cat and mouse.

A few more photos posted:  Red-tailed Hawk photos


Later that afternoon, one of the Peregrines was observed perched in the window sill of the nest box.  The Peregrines have been hanging close to the next box recently and that bodes well for the mating and incubating activites in the weeks ahead.  A few minutes later the other Peregrine was observed having a snack on the roof and then departing and gliding down along south side the New Balance building.


For those with an interest, additional photos posted:  Peregrine photos