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Lawrence Peregrines: week #3 incubation!

The Lawrence Peregrines are well along in the month long incubation process. The normal clutch is four eggs, laid on alternate days. Incubation, usually initiated when the third egg is laid, is usually 29 to 33 days based on history at this location. Clutches of three or five eggs are known to happen but less […]
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Lawrence Peregrines: eggs week #2!

As the incubation process continues, many have asked for more specifics about how it all works? Heat makes the eggs start developing. When the eggs reach about 98.6°F, or 37°C the egg begins changing into an eyas. Conveniently enough, a Peregrine’s natural body temperature is about 103°F, or 39.5°C, so to heat up the eggs […]
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Peregrine Falcon: Lowell

The peregrine falcon reports keep rolling in with growing locations and sightings all around Greater Boston area!  A peregrine has been spotted a few times in Lowell near Rt. 495 and sure enough it was perched on the outer corner of a commercial building in dazzling late day sun under clear skies and seasonal temps. […]
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Great Horned Owl on nest: Middlesex County

On a very sunny afternoon with bright sun and few clouds, made a visit in Groton to a Great Blue Heron Rookery to enjoy the sights!  The wind was blowing from southeast at 15MPH and temps were low 50F.  Observed a pair of owlets in a former heron next while the Great Blues were flying […]
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Peregrine Falcons: Watertown breeding pair!

Made a visit to Watertown tonight in search of a pair of breeding Peregrine Falcons that had been reported recently by friends.  The pair has been in residence for the past few years and have a well located nest box in the penthouse section of an office building with wonderful views.  The night was mostly […]
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Peregrine Falcons: Haverhill

After months of observing the peregrines in downtown Haverhill and comparing notes with many other local falcon watchers, the pair of Peregrines in Haverhill have again laid eggs int he downtown area.  Last year, they laid eggs under the Basiliere Bridge over the Merrimack River. Mass Wildlife then built out and placed a nest box […]
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Great Horned Owl: Essex County

A beautiful morning walking around from the end of Crane Neck St. in West Newbury with fairly bright sun, a bit of haze, light winds from the east at 5MPH, and temps just over 60F.  Observed a female Great Horned Owl in incubation posture on a distant nest in the midst of a former Great […]
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Peregrine Falcons: Woburn, finally on eggs!

The Woburn Peregrines have finally laid their 2017 clutch of eggs!  As with all Peregrine Falcons nest locations, clutch sizes vary from one to five. Three or four seems to be the norm. Eggs are laid at intervals of two to three days. Incubation usually does not start in earnest until the clutch is almost […]
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  1. Kate Oliver says:

    Hi, Craig! This site is spectacular! I am working with the 21 st Century program at the Wetherbee School doing a river study of the Merrimack. We took our students on their first barge ride yesterday up river and saw a red tail chasing a great blue heron, many hawks, geese, mallards, and other birds. A rainbow on the way back. I had no idea there were kestrels in the area, nor did I know of the peregrines. My brother ( Craig, also!) has a live video feed of a nest at the top of the Marriott in Boston. I’m wondering if you had time to come share your knowledge with our 3 rd and
    4 th graders at the Wetherbee some day after school? If not, I’ll have them blog you on this site. Btw. I live in a lake in Tyngsboro and witnesses a pair if swans harassing some Canada geese this morning. Can they move! I could go on and on about our wildlife, but that’s for another day. Can’t wait to visit the rookery in NA. Thanks again for your site. Kate Oliver

  2. Jimmy Diaz says:

    I love this site..

  3. betsy says:

    I have added this page to my favorites and will check regularly

  4. Linda Gardner says:

    Such a pleasure talking with you and seeing your incredible photos here! I will save this page to my favorites and check it every day !
    Have a great day….

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