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Peregrine Falcon: Woburn adult female

While on the way home, made a short stop to observe the Woburn Peregrine Falcons.  One of the regular peregrine watchers, Jill, was just departing.  She had a nice chance to watch the adult female as well as the 2016 hatch year fledgling.  They had both departed, prompting Jill to do the same.  Minutes later, […]
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Lawrence Peregrine: adult female cacking away!

Had beautiful looks at the adult female peregrine falcon early this evening under clear skies, low humidity, SW winds at 13 MPH, and temp around 77 degrees.  It was about an hour before sunset under stunning light conditions!  The adult female was perched at the rim of the nestbox and then moved out onto the […]
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Woburn: Juvenile Cooper’s Hawk

After pulling in to observe the Woburn Peregrines, had a nice show from three Cooper’s Hawk in an active series of aerial loops and active chase sequences.  The participants included two adult Cooper’s and a juvenile.  The juvenile Cooper’s has yellowish eyes and thin dark breast streaks.  At one point, the unbanded male peregrine falcon […]
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Lawrence Peregrine: the morning ledge!

One of the favorite morning perches is on a ledge above the west face of the Clock Tower.  A cool spot away from direct sun and rising temps.  Well hidden and easy for takeoff in hot pursuit!
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Peregrine Falcon: Woburn adult female

Stopped by to observe the Woburn Peregrines this morning while making a run for fresh morning gingerbread muffins.   Had quite a treat to watch both female and male adult peregrines.  The sun was darting in and out with light winds.  Not much flight action but a joy to see both adults near one another! […]
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Peregrine Falcon: Woburn 2014 hatch year breeding adult male in RI

A wonderful report and documenting photos just in from Peter Green in Providence RI on one of the 2014 hatch year peregrine falcon chicks from Woburn, MA: RI-DOT (Dept of Transportation) was recently inspecting the old Sakonnet River Bridge when they spotted the falcons and gave me the tip. They were able to read the “44” […]
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Peregrine Falcon: Woburn female on nest ledge!

The female peregrine falcon was seen early this evening perched somewhat forward at the nest ledge.  She was showing her silver federal leg band along with just a clear look at her bi-colored black over green (32/BC) leg bands.  It was mostly cloudy with winds at 10 MPH out of the north and the temperature […]
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Lawrence Peregrines: female perched at nest box!

Had a nice moment to observe both adults perching proximate to one another on the Clock Tower just after 6 pm.   The skies were overcast with light winds, light rain, 78 degrees and high humidity. The male was perched on the lateral post that sticks out from the nest box.  The bi-colored leg bands […]
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4 thoughts on “The Blog

  1. Kate Oliver says:

    Hi, Craig! This site is spectacular! I am working with the 21 st Century program at the Wetherbee School doing a river study of the Merrimack. We took our students on their first barge ride yesterday up river and saw a red tail chasing a great blue heron, many hawks, geese, mallards, and other birds. A rainbow on the way back. I had no idea there were kestrels in the area, nor did I know of the peregrines. My brother ( Craig, also!) has a live video feed of a nest at the top of the Marriott in Boston. I’m wondering if you had time to come share your knowledge with our 3 rd and
    4 th graders at the Wetherbee some day after school? If not, I’ll have them blog you on this site. Btw. I live in a lake in Tyngsboro and witnesses a pair if swans harassing some Canada geese this morning. Can they move! I could go on and on about our wildlife, but that’s for another day. Can’t wait to visit the rookery in NA. Thanks again for your site. Kate Oliver

  2. Jimmy Diaz says:

    I love this site..

  3. betsy says:

    I have added this page to my favorites and will check regularly

  4. Linda Gardner says:

    Such a pleasure talking with you and seeing your incredible photos here! I will save this page to my favorites and check it every day !
    Have a great day….

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