Lawrence Peregrines: Verizon Cell Tower

March 20, 2018 in Verizon Cell Tower

_W7I3799-001Made a mid-morning visit in search of the peregrines and located the male perched on one of the exhaust vent ledges on the nearby Verizon Cell Tower.  This winter has seen the peregrines perch much later than usual at the Verizon Cell Tower, as egg laying time draws near.  Typically, in the weeks leading up to egg laying time, they stay very close to the Clock Tower, and defend their territory from all nearby intruders.  This morning the male was seen loafing in the sun at the Verizon Tower!

Lawrence Peregrine: Verizon Cell Tower

March 15, 2018 in Verizon Cell Tower

_W7I2308-001Had but a few moments to look for the peregrines; none at Clock Tower, so made a fast pass by the Verizon Cell Tower.  Normally, at this point in the calendar, both peregrines would be always found in and around the Clock Tower making sure their territory is well defended, and ready for the breeding season.  Not so today, with the male perched on an upper ledge at Cell Tower, under clear skies, bright sun, winds out of west close to 20MPH and gusts over 25MPH, and temps around 40F

Lawrence Peregrines: Verizon Cell Tower warm air vents

January 25, 2018 in Verizon Cell Tower

_W7I5963-001Made a morning sweep in search of the Lawrence Peregrines, by first passing by the Ayer Mill Clock Tower, and then onto the Verizon Cell Tower. Weather conditions: bright sun, clear skies, wind out of NW at 9MPH, and temp rising to 24F.  The Cell Tower is one of the most regular perch locations in the colder winter months due to the warm air exhaust vents on the south side of the building!

Lawrence Peregrines – female with bulging crop

December 7, 2017 in Verizon Cell Tower

_W7I1895-001A beautiful morning with clear skies, bright sun, west wind at 9MPH and temp just above 40F. Adult female peregrine falcon perched on the south side of the Verizon Cell Tower on 6th floor ledge enjoying the hot air exhaust vents and morning sunshine; note bulging crop!

Lawrence Peregrines: Verizon Cell Tower!

November 10, 2017 in Peregrine Falcons Eastern Massachusetts, Verizon Cell Tower

_W7I6768-001As the late fall temperatures drop below 30 degrees, the Peregrines start to spend more time at the nearby Verizon Cell Tower near the corner of Hampshire and Canal Streets.  They tend to perch on the fifth and sixth floor ledges located on the south side of the building.  These ledges are next to hot air exhaust vents.  These vents provide excellent heat during the colder months.

Found both adults happily perched near one another on sixth floor ledges in late afternoon.

Peregrine Falcon fledgling: Verizon Tower!

August 7, 2017 in Verizon Cell Tower

_W7I3895-001While scanning for Peregrine Falcons from near the Clock Tower mid-morning, saw a perched bird on the Verizon Cell Tower on Hampshire Street and made way over for a better look.  It was cloudy and overcast, but was able to get nice looks at one of the fledglings. It had a color-coded leg band but was unable to make out the alphanumeric code.  The fledglings usually find their way over to the Cell Tower after fledging for visits from time to time!

Lawrence Peregrines: ready to drop eggs!

March 16, 2017 in Verizon Cell Tower

_W7I4804-001The sun was shining bright this morning with clear skies and moderate winds.  After a quick look around the Clock Tower, and in light of cold temps in the twenties, and lower with wind chill, made a run over to the Verizon Cell Tower.  Sure enough, up on the sixth floor ledge along the hot air exhaust vents, were both peregrines.  The female seemed to be trying to get the attention of the male, but he displayed a clear indifference. So after ten minutes of walking back and forth along the ledge, she took a powder and flew around to the east side of the building to an awning over a pair of larger vents, and perched herself in the sun and out of the wind!  Nice seeing them somewhat close together….


Lawrence Peregrines: Verizon Tower!

February 16, 2017 in Verizon Cell Tower

_W7I0908-001It was another cloudy cold winterish morning with both of the Lawrence Peregrines tucked away on the hot air exhaust ledges at the Verizon Cell Tower.  The wind was strong out of the NW and the peregrines tucked in tight to stay warm!




Lawrence Peregrine male: Verizon Tower

February 14, 2017 in Verizon Cell Tower

_W7I0576-001Another beautiful sunny morning with blue skies and light winds.  In these waning days of winter the peregrines still find comfort and warmth perched on the ledges at The Verizon Cell Tower.  The hot air exhaust vents provide lots of warm air from an elevated perch location overlooking the Merrimack River!

Lawrence Peregrines: female 5th floor Verizon

February 9, 2017 in Verizon Cell Tower

_W7I0500-001Out looking for the falcons this morning under overcast skies, light snow, NE winds at 20MPH and temps in mid-20’s.  They were both perched on ledges astride the hot air exhaust vents at the Verizon Cell Tower.  The larger female was perched and walking around a bit on the 5th floor and the male was scrunched into a corner one ledge over to the west and on the 6th floor!