Peregrines: more mating time!

February 26, 2012 in Near the Clock Tower

Another radiant Sunday morning visit to see the Peregrines.  They moved around the front of 200 Merrimack Street.  The action started out on one of the short steel beams that may have held a pulley system years ago.  The other Peregrine was on a ledge at the very upper southwest corner of 200 Merrimack just below the roof.  They both traded places flying around and landing on the roof.

Then the female with the  “V5” leg bands landed atop the utility pole on the south side of the street jsut down from the intersection and the main entrance to B&D Advanced Warehousing Corp.  This has been a regular perch location within sight of the nest box.  While she perched, I was able to draw clsoer in my car for a few photos.

Then she departed, flew around a bit and finally landed on the short steel beam.  Minutes later, the male arrived and preapred to mount her from the air with closed toes and feet turned inward to make things as safe as possible.  the three photos show how “V5” bows her head, stands still, and then slowly raise her tail in preparation for copulation.  Spring is in the air!

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