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Welcome to the new Lawrence Peregrines blog where you will receive regular updates about the Peregrine Falcons at the Ayer Mill Clock Tower in the city of Lawrence, MA.  Updates will also be posted about other local birds in Lawrence and nearby locations.  Additional photos, expanded notes on highlighted birds, and helpful online links for background information will also be included. Use this blog to enhance your ability to locate, identify, and appreciate the many local and varied birds each season in Lawrence, and nearby communities in the Merrimack Valley. In response to local birders, residents, and New Balance associates this blog has been created to provide those interested with a valued resource for birding and an easy to use online location for posting comments, questions, and feedback.  Finally, may you always be inspired by the awesome beauty and amazing grace of God’s winged creatures in their natural element.  Thanks for visiting and please return soon!

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  1. Tammi Frechette says:

    I have been watching the New Balance Falcon cam in Lawrence MA for about 4 weeks. I am truly enjoying the experience!! Unfortunately this weekend (6/2 thru 6/3) I missed about a day and a half of viewing. Yesterday (6/3) I returned to my viewing and one of the chicks is gone 🙁 What happened???? I hope this has a Happy ending, I have to admit I am SAD 🙁

    • falconblog says:

      Looks like the first falcon has fledged, meaning it has taken its first flight.
      It has yet to return to the nest box. It may be stuck in a nearby location, but
      undoubtedly one of the parents is keeping a close eye. It will likely work its way
      back to the nest box and continue to develop ability to fly and continue to receive
      food from parents. Stay tuned!

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