Craig Gibson is a lifelong amateur photographer.  He has become a very active birder over the past fifteen years.  His primary interest is capturing action images of birds in flight. Craig takes most of his images with hand-held intermediate and large telephoto lenses.

He is a member of many local bird clubs and is a contributing photographer for a growing list of local conservation groups from Groundwork Lawrence and The Essex County Greenbelt Association, to the Trustees of the Reservations, Mass Audubon Society, and the New Hampshire Audubon Society, as well as The U.S. National Park Service.  He has been involved in many projects with birds listed as threatened and endangered species on both the federal and the state level.  He brings a deep understanding in observing and monitoring these special types of birds.

Craig explores the bird world through a wide range of flight and perched images. In addition to local bird photography in Eastern Massachusetts, he has photographed birds in Southern California, Central Florida, along the coast of Ireland, while touring Western Australia, on the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica, along the Inside Passage and Chilkat River in SE Alaska, and while on an expedition to the Falkland Islands, South Georgia, and Antarctica.

Lastly, on every outing he keeps a deep commitment to the American Birding Association Code of Ethics.  He strongly supports the notion that everyone who enjoys birds and birding must always respect wildlife, its environment, and the rights of others. In any conflict of interest between birds and birders, the welfare of the birds and their environment always comes first.



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  1. Such a nice blog.

    I have read an amazing article here.

  2. Craig,

    What amazing photos! I can’t wait to share with our youth education programs and to link directly to your site through the GWL blog and FB pages!

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