Peregrine adults loafing around the tower!

October 26, 2012 in On the Clock Tower

Both adults are spening lots of time just loafing around the clock tower.  They are frequently seen on the weathervane, perched at the nest box, or in flight mode around the tower.  Stopped by on my way home and was thrilled with the spectacular late afternoon golden light while they landed and departed all around the tower!

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Pine Siskins

October 24, 2012 in Nearby Landbirds

The Pine Siskin is another irruptive bird species like the Red-breasted Nuthatch.  This siskin was in a small group of siskins in vegetation along the Merrimack River near the New Balance factory.

Pine Siskins are distributed across much of Canada and at higher elevations in the western portions of the United States. Periodically, they will irrupt into parts of the East and into areas of lower elevations in the West.  It is hypothesized that these irruptions occur due to variations in the bird’s food supply on their wintering grounds. When Pine Siskins irrupt into the southern ranges of the map above, food abundance in their typical wintering grounds may be low. You can read a very interesting report on the “Biennial Irruptions of Pine Siskins Across North America” at the Audubon website.

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Peregrine hanging out near the tower!

October 17, 2012 in Near the Clock Tower

While driving north on South Union St. and crossing the railroad tracks just before Merrimack St., had a chance to look up at the south side (sunny) of the 200 Merrimack St. building.  It was a pleasant surprise to observe one of the adult Peregrines perched on a protruding short steel beam.  This has been one of many perches around the building.  It launched into flight and landed on one of the nearby rooftop peaks.  Later it flew off to the west and perched on one of the round silver posts in the NSTAR facility just down the street.

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Peregrines in flight/landing sequence!

October 16, 2012 in Near the Clock Tower

Another late afternoon show watching the female in flight mode near the Clock Tower.  This was a beautiful series of flight and landing moments in and around the nearby Nstar field yard on Merrimack St.  The spectacular late afternoon sun provided extraordinary lighting.  What a treat to watch and observe in close proximity!

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Peregrines around the Clock Tower

October 14, 2012 in Near the Clock Tower

Another busy observation session watching the fall peregrine show from Merrimack St. near the Clock Tower.  The female provided the perch and flight show as the male remained perched atop the Viking ship above the weathervane!

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Bald Eagle, first year juvenile

October 11, 2012 in Nearby Landbirds

An unexpected treat to gaze skyward near the Clock Tower just after Columbus Day and to see a first year juvenile Bald Eagle.  Bald Eagles require careful observations in order to properly determine their age.  After consulting with local hawk expert, Paul Roberts, it was clear this was very likely a first year juvenile.  Field marks of note included:  dark head; chocolate brown breast; white axillaries & white coverts; smooth trailing edge to to the wings, not ragged; innermost primaries, pale tips and translucent; mottled brown and white tail; absence of white belly; wedge-shaped tail.

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