Great Horned Owl with chick

March 28, 2013 in Great Horned Owl

Great Horned Owl and chick in the nest at the Nevins Sanctuary!  A bit of an overcast morning with chick starting to sit up a bit taller compared to prior visits.  Still looking to see if a second chick in the nest, but another is not in sight!

Great Blue Heron in flight

March 27, 2013 in Nearby Waterbirds

The number of nests and the flight traffic has picked up quite a bit at the Heron Rookery in Methuen!

Great Horned Owl with chick!

March 27, 2013 in Nearby Landbirds

One of the most exciting parts of the birding annual cycle is to observe and monitor the breeding cycle.  This Great Horned Owl nest is one of those special treats.  This nest is located in the Heron rookery in Methuen alongside the Spicket River.  At the moment, only one chick is visible with eyes barely open.  Let’s stay tuned over the next few weeks to see if any siblings emerge and how long it will take to first see the checik upright and the with open eyes!

Peregrine Falcons: male/female breeding pair

March 10, 2013 in Near the Clock Tower

A magnificent encounter with both Peregrines just before egg laying time and before departing for a week long family vacation.  The morinng was filled with brilliant sunshine and almost cloudless skies.  The Peregrines moved around the southeast corner of the building at 200 Merrimack Street.  They made many fly by loops chasing bothersome pigeons and numerous roof top landings.  Thankfully the rooftop posing provided an opportunity to capture photos that allow for positive ID by way of legs bands.  This flight shot is one of my new favorites!!  Hope you enjoy this one too! 

Photos posted:  Click “next” in upper right corner to advance frames….enjoy!

Great Blue Herons on nest!!

March 10, 2013 in Nearby Waterbirds

The Great Blue Herons have arrived and are on thier nests in the rookery laong the Spicket River in Methuen, MA.  On this visit to the rookery, located along the west side of the bikepath, there were about 10 pairs of Great Blue Herons already on nest and perched.  They appeared to be in nest building and rebuilding mode and not yet incubating eggs.