Peregrine fledgling injured & sent to rehab

June 30, 2013 in Near the Clock Tower

The last fledgling of four suffered a open wound and right wing radial fracture last weekend.  The young bird estimated to be about 8 weeks old was found at a playground along Island St. in Lawrence.  The injured fledgling was watched by a group of teenagers and thankfully a call was placed to the local police and Ellen Bistany, the city Animal Control Officer was dispatched to the location.  She took possession of the peregrine and then communicated with a local police detective who has a falconry background.  A prompt visit with the detective allowed for a correct ID to be made as well as an initial determination of the probable injury….a wing fracture.  The fledgling was brought to the MSPCA facility at Nevins Farm in Methuen.  Pam Nixon, who serves as the assistant manager of the equine and farm animal adoption center was very helpful and arranged for contact with and transport to the Tufts Wildlife Clinic in North Grafton.  

The Wildlife Clinic reports that the female fledgling with black over green leg bands 93/AD is bandaged with its wing in place.  The fledgling sustained a fracture and soft tissue trauma.  It has been able to perch on its own but it did sustain severe bruising.  It has a figure eight bandage in place, and is splinted with no cast in place.  It performs normal body functions and has a somewhat stable appetite.

 This story represents an amazing example of an outstanding team effort by a chain of well informed and responsive caretakers. This peregrine family is quite well known In Lawrence by MassWildlife staffers, NH Audubon staffers, local police, nearby security guards, New Balance employees, commercial tenants at 250 Canal St., residential tenants at many nearby apartment buildings;  staff, members and friends of GroundWork Lawrence the local conservation group; staff and members of the the Merrimack River Watershed Council;  endless members of this list who have been in contact and shared so many observations, Eastern Mass Hawk Watchers and the list goes on!

5 photos of injured female fledling courtesy of Ellen Bistany:

5 close up flight photos from fledge day:   Click “next” upper right to advance frames

15 close up photos from fledge day:    Click “next” upper right to advance frames

 Blog post from her fledge day:    Click “next” upper right to advance frames

 Will provide further update;  a wonderful story to share about great teamwork in the field!