Peregrines: last chick (93/AD) fledges on Sunday!!

June 9, 2013 in Peregrines at 250 Canal St.

Sunday was an amazing day with the blessing of being able to watch the fledglings just after sunrise and just prior to sunset in brilliant sunlight.  The Sunday night watch provided some of the most exciting and breath taking action I’ve ever seen in the bird world!  After tracking this 12 year old pair since September 2011, they have become quite familiar.  At the last moment this year, they changed nest locations to the north side of the Merrimack River and moved into a tiny studio apartment to lay eggs.  After hatching, Mass Wildlife alertly assessed living condtions and moved the 4 chicks to an open air rooftop nest box with terrific success.  Tonight was the golden moment that comes every once in while….a moutaintop experience… of those moments which glowed, which filled me with overwhelming feelings of unity with creation!  Tonight also included the treat of seeing the first flight of the last fledgling!!

37 photos posted of the peregrine chicks, post fledge, and still trying out their new wings while on rooftop perches, perching with Mom, soaring in flight and loving it, and finally just basking in the late day sunlight and continuing to stretch the beautiful new wings……WOW….. so worth a look to marvel at the beauty of it all!   Click “next” in upper right corner to advance frames….enjoy every moment!!!