Peregrine Falcons chicks moved to new location!

May 20, 2013 in Peregrines at 250 Canal St.

After many deliberations and discussions among staff at MassWildlife, the Lawrence Peregrines nest was moved at the end of last week.  The Peregrines have been nesting in an 8th floor window box in the Ayer Mill Clock Tower on Merrimack St. in Lawrence.  In prior years the peregrines have used alternate nearby nest locations.  This year, the pair selected a nest location inside a window in an abandoned mill building.  The building is kept under extremely tight security due to a mandate from the Lawrence Police Department.  The area inside the window was observed to be so small and confining for the chicks to experience proper growth and room to move around and spread wings prior to fledging.  The MassWildlife staff knows from experience that the relocation of the nest must be withing reasonable earshot of the adult pair.  In this case, the adults found the chicks right away!