Peregrine Falcon: Woburn – fledgling and juvenile Cooper’s Hawk

July 19, 2016 in Peregrine Falcon Woburn

_W7I5468-001The fledgling bolted from its high elevation rocky perch after the encounter with the Great Egret.  It flew at high speed and then landed on one of the nearby utility wires.  It struggled a bit to maintain balance.  The peregrine fledgling had discovered a juvenile Cooper’s Hawk in a tree.  Young peregrines may protest loudly  with the “cacking” type of vocalization.  According to peregrine fledgling expert, Steve Sherrod, young peregrines appear to have a genetically programmed or instinctive recognition of other birds of prey as potential threats.  Through their own experimenting and encounters, the fledglings learn which predators to avoid, which to attack, and which to ignore.  They vocalized at each other and then both flew off!

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