Peregrine Falcon fledgling in pursuit of Great Egret!

July 19, 2016 in Peregrine Falcon Woburn

_W7I5227-001Under bright sunny skies, stopped by to observe the peregrine falcon fledgling in Woburn early this morning.  The fledgling was perched on one of the highest ledges.  It then flew 30 feet away to another ledge perch.  A few minutes later it lifted off and shot forward like a rocket.  It had spotted a potential target and it took off in a straight line with hard, fast wingbeats.  It approached a group of three passing Great Egrets from behind and slightly lower.  This placed the falcon in the blind spot of the Egrets.  The Egrets proceeded to make evasive moves and the fledgling made repeated stoops and dives along with a few grasping attempts.  The fledgling then circled at a wider perimeter and then returned in a direct face-off with one of the Great Egrets.  The Egret can be seen sending out a vocal protest.  The fledgling gave up and returned to an elevated rocky perch!

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