Bald Eagle nest 2016: Essex County!

February 11, 2016 in Bald Eagle

CF2C8875-001Made a pass by the Bald Eagle nest near the Merrimack River in western Essex County this morning.  The winds were out of the west at 12 MPH with gusts up to almost 20 MPH.  The temp was 24 degrees with wind chill making it feel around 11 degrees.  Noticed an adult approaching and then landing at the nest.  Another adult was already perched on the outside ridge of the nest in a large pine tree.  The approaching adult dropped off prey for other eagle and then took off in flight.  This is a nesting pair that has been at this nest location for past bunch of years.  Was just able to get a number of images that provided positive ID of the left leg gold band.  This band was placed on the bird just before it fledged.  This eagle was banded in June 2006 at North Watuppa Pond near Fall River!

4 photos: