Peregrine leg bands!!

February 11, 2012 in Near the Clock Tower, On the Clock Tower

During a late Thursday afternoon visit to the west side of the Ayer Mill Clock Tower, had a chance to see one of the Peregrines in the next box.  They have been spending much more time in the next box, on the perch outside the nest box, and othwise very near the nest box.  This suggests that the internal clocks are gearing up for the breeding season which may happen a bit early due to the weather!  The sky was clear and the lighting was exceptional. 



The pair flew around quite a bit and used the rooftop above the main entrance to 200 Merrimack Street as home base for the afternoon.  Lots of takeoffs and landings to watch!




One of the Peregrines landed on a utility pole on the south side of Merrimack Street near the intersection of South Union and Merrimack Street.  This allowed for some close looks and photos with a close up of the leg bands.  According to Tom French at MassWildlife, the “V5” black over green leg band indicates that “she” is the original nesting female in Lawrence and is about 11 years old!  Very cool to receive this important update!



The last image from these two days is of one the male balancing himself on the roof peak before departing in a dive.  The great light provided an opportunity to capture nice shots that included more leg band information.  The left leg band on the male shows 6*/4* black over green.  This is the original male in Lawrence and he was born in 2001 in Manchester, NH!


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