Peregrine Falcon: Woburn 2014 hatch year breeding adult male in RI

August 18, 2016 in Peregrine Falcon Woburn

falcons2016-sakonnet2A wonderful report and documenting photos just in from Peter Green in Providence RI on one of the 2014 hatch year peregrine falcon chicks from Woburn, MA:

RI-DOT (Dept of Transportation) was recently inspecting the old Sakonnet River Bridge when they spotted the falcons and gave me the tip. They were able to read the “44” on the band and I got the “BD” so together we pieced together “44/BD” and I knew it must have been banded by Tom French because he uses green/black with the letters BD. There is already a new bridge up and being used, this old bridge will be torn down in 2017 and the falcons will need to relocate.

Peter Green is a very talented bird and wildlife photographer in Providence, RI with a keen interest in urban raptors. You are encouraged to check out his amazing work on his website and feel free to look at his impressive list of select exhibits and presentations!

Here is more info from Tom French:

falcons2016-sakonnet1“This is the latest I have ever heard for unfledged Peregrine chicks. These chicks appear to be about six weeks old, so they would have hatched around June 24, and the eggs would have been laid about May 22. I have never heard of Peregrines raising two broods in a single season, so I expect this was the result of re-nesting after losing the first clutch of eggs. From my experience, recycling takes about 2 weeks, so the first clutch would have been lost about May 8. I have had first clutches completed at least as late as April 19, so the clutch might have been about 2 ½ weeks old. If the clutch was much older when lost, I don’t think the female would re-lay. So, the dates potentially work for a lost first clutch, and a successful second.”

And finally, thanks to Tom French, here is the original banding information for Peregrine Falcon 44/BD:

Band numbers: 1156-19120, and 44/BD black over green
Banding date and location: 06-24-14, MA, Middlesex Co., Woburn, on a long-abandoned quarry wall, behind an industrial park.
Sex: Male
Siblings: Two, 1 male (45/BD), 1 female (75/BD).

Other reports after fledging: On October 5, 2014, he was identified on the beach at the south tip of Gooseberry Neck, Westport, Bristol Co., MA by Mark Lynch of Worcester.
Your report: Nesting on the Sakonnet Bridge, 0.9 miles north of Tiverton, Newport Co., RI. Band number confirmed 08-05-16.