Peregrine Falcons: Taunton Green

March 31, 2017 in Peregrine Falcons Massachusetts

_W7I9903-001Under heavy overcast skies, snow, sleet, fog, light winds from the East and temps in mid-thirties, had a nice opportunity to observe a pair of peregrine falcons in a known nesting location near Taunton Green in downtown Taunton, MA.  The female was seen perched and in flight prior to returning to the nest box.  The male was seen in a number of aerial loops prior to settling in on the ledge of a copper roof! A left leg band was seen but not close enough to make a positive ID….stay tuned!

Lawrence Peregrines: male leg band 6/4

December 8, 2016 in Near the Clock Tower

_w7i2259-001While stopping by for a look at the Lawrence Peregrines, under cloudy skies, located the male peregrine on a triangular roof pediment at the NE corner of the New Balance building on Union Street above the south end of the Duck Bridge.  The male was facing north and taking in the view over the Merrimack River.  Then it turned, pooped, and took off in a SE direction over my head.  The change in posture provided a nice look at the leg bands with ability to see from photos the black over green 6/4 bands on the left leg.  Always nice to confirm positive ID!