Hello from London!

August 30, 2018 in Near the Clock Tower

An email arrived a few weeks ago, from Joel and Shad, with this lovely message from a  group of over 60 Lawrence Peregrines fans at a very successful startup company in London!!


Shad and Joel here. We work at a startup in London, UK. We found the webcam for the Peregrines on the tower a few months ago and shared it with our colleagues. Before we knew it, over half of our company had entire monitors dedicated to watching these beautiful birbs. It’d become a cultural phenomenon. Over those months we all watched the Peregrines astutely and captured so many moments; from mama and papa switching places to the first birbling hatching, we were there all the way.

We all shared these moments and all got quite emotionally invested. So emotionally invested that we wrote some haikus about the birbs and did a company whipround to raise some money towards your running of the site. It’s not much, but take it as a token of appreciation for capturing so many beautiful moments of these beautiful birbs.

If you could let us know the best way to transfer you this money, or somewhere you’d like us to donate it to, that would be wonderful. It’s £250 (about $317).

Thank you,

Joel, Shad and about 60 other people

Improbable, London, United Kingdom

The tower rings out
A lone feather in the nest Flutters in the wind
— Luke

Birb enter our hearts
Birb birth many baby birbs All gone now, flown far
— Anonymous

Boston summer breeze;
This air moves less than it should. See you next year, birb.
— Joel

Eggs incubated
As we watched from our basement, Refrigerated
— Lotte

Like brother birblings
With your wings next to mine we Flew for the first time
— Andrea

Waiting patiently Shadow of an empty nest Feathers fall softly
— Bill

From four eggs, three birbs
You didn’t see this fall, discarded I do not have words
— Shad