Red-tailed Hawk: Lawrence

April 11, 2017 in Red-tailed Hawk

_W7I4227-001On a beautiful bright sunny morning, had a wonderful opportunity to watch a Red-tailed Hawk glide slowly by with a bit a wing flapping. These hawks are frequent in the Greater Lawrence area and are most often seen around major roadways on light posts and other elevated structures.

Red-tailed hawks are active during the day (diurnal). Red-tailed hawk pairs remain together for years in the same territory. These birds are very territorial, and defend territories that range in size from about 1/2 mile to 2.5 square kilometers. The territory size depends on the amount of food, perches, and nest sites in the area. The female is usually the more aggressive partner around the nest itself, whereas the male more aggressively defends the territory boundaries. The birds will soar over their territory, mostly on clear days, looking for intruders.