Peregrine female chick fledges: June 5!

June 5, 2012 in Near the Clock Tower, On the Clock Tower

Spent all day on Sunday and Monday morning looking from webcam for any sign of the missing male that fledged first.  Watched the webcam and observed the female flapping and getting ready but needed to head off to work.  While pulling into west side of the Clock Tower, had a quick chance to stop and check for emails.  Many of the Peregrine watchers at New Balance and elsewhere provide me with excellent updates directly. 

Tammi posted this update:

At 7:35 am est. 6/5/2012 The second falcon took its first flight. I have had the stream on almost constantly because I knew it was going to happen soon. I was just about to shut my computer down to get ready for work and he was standing on the ledge of the nesting box, he has been doing this for the last couple of days, dangling his leg over the edge, stretching and flapping his wings, holding onto the edge and leaning out but always pulling back, running to the edge but always stopping just shy of jumping but…..this morning he jumped and I kind of jumped with him.  AWESOME! Now I am feeling the empty nest syndrome, lol :) Looking forward to seeing both babies back in the nest to develop their flying :)

The photo above is the female.  This is around 9AM with many NB staffers excited to see the fledling show.  Quickly, one adult was located, then another Peregrine was on the short steel beam on the NB west wing roof.  A devoted and veteran NB staffer with a long history of Peregrine chick watching then pointed out the fourth Peregrine on a window sill.  After using binoculars to get abetter view and to share with NB staffers, was able to ID a 4 Peregrines and realized that the missing male chick was AOK!  Fledging now completed and successful!

Link to documenting photos of all four from the morning:  Click “next in upper right to advance frames.

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