Peregrine Falcons courtship

March 19, 2015 in Verizon Cell Tower

The Peregrines are keeping it very interesting this breeding season!  The male lost his long time mate as she was sent to Tufts Wildlife and then retired from going back into the wild.  Our long time male with a distinguished breeding legacy attracted a new female friend.  She is unbounded so we are unable to know any history. They have been spending time together and appear to be ready for the breeding season.  They have been seen with some regularity around the Clock Tower and even poking around inside the nestbox.  In an odd twist, they have recently spent time perched on the Verizon Cell Tower which has never been part of the pattern this time in the breeding cycle.  They have also been spotted near the alternate nest site around 250 Canal Street.  So given that eggs should be laid any day, it will be fascinating to see if that happens and where that happens.  Had a chance to see them both perched on adjacent ledges some 25 feet apart late Thursday afternoon.  The female seemed to make every effort to get the male’s attention.  She called and called with no response.  She took off, made a loop right in front of him to get his fuller attention, and returned to her nearby perch.  The male continued with his clear indifference!  Fascinating to watch and can’t wait to see where this goes!  Stay tuned!

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