Peregrine: Woburn male preening

February 17, 2017 in Peregrine Falcon Woburn

_W7I1173-001The male falcon was seen perched and enjoying the bright morning sun.  It spent time stretching both feet and talons as well as preening feathers on both wings.

Method of preening flight and body feathers for Peregrines as in most birds. Toes and talons nibbled with bill, particularly after feeding.  Peregrines typically rouse (shake) after preening; also rouse during flight, particularly after leaving perch (unless to initiate a pursuit). After rousing or preening, may bend head down and to side to rub eye against wing wrist.

Scratching is form of preening for areas not reached with bill; raises one leg in front of wing and bends head down to side; talons (especially middle toe) used to scratch head and bill, effective in dislodging scraps of meat.

Adults commonly stretch single leg or wing laterally; stand on one leg and stretch opposite leg back to side, simultaneously stretching wing from same side across extended leg.