Peregrine Falcon eggs….waiting for eggs to hatch!

April 28, 2014 in In the Nest Box

The peregrine falcon couple living in an 8th floor falcon condo in the Ayer Mill Clock Tower will soon welcome their 2014 chicks, or eyases, to the city of Lawrence.  The female has laid 4 eggs this year, and we are now at the back end of the normal incubation period of 29-33 days.

Falcons will eventually get rid of eggs if they do not hatch. Two years ago, the couple laid 4 eggs but only 2 eggs hatched.  They waited a few weeks before discarding the 2 unhatched eggs.

The first egg was laid March 21 this year!  Incubation of the 4 eggs started after the last egg was laid on March 26th.  Stay tuned!