Peregrine Falcon, adult male

April 22, 2013 in Peregrines at 250 Canal St.

The male Peregrine continues to keep vigil around the nest within the complex at 250 Canal St. in Lawrence.  The male frequently perches in a variety of rooftop corners.  He will ward off any intruders in a very intentional way.  We are very close to the time that the chicks should have hatched or be hatching.  With no webcam it is a challenge to know the exact status of how many eggs laid, how many hatched and the condition of the nest.  Hopefully we will see an increase in feeding activity to signal hungry chicks.  Peregrine Falcon chicks, called eyases, eat an incredible amount of food – in six days, they double their weight, and at three weeks are ten times their size at birth!  Stay tuned!

A few more photos posted:   Click “next in upper right corner to advance frames…enjoy!