More Bald Eagle action: second year bird

January 7, 2013 in Nearby Landbirds

The weather continues to stay cold enough that the ice in building uo just a bit on the Merrimack River.  While driving in this Monday morning to start the week, something caught my eye flying to the east just over trees along the Merrimack.  Proceeded to view from many different vantage points and best I could find was a Red-tailed Hawk.  Had a feeling that I was missing something! Kept scanning in the trees hoping that my sense of a larger and darker bird (possible a juvenile or young adult eagle might be around).  Finally located this young second year eagle in deeper vegetation.  It was farther in the branches and tougher to find.  Photos were a challenge due to distance, blacoking branches and then challenging sunlight angles.  Anyways, this photo and a few others help to document this younger eagle and inspires further possible sightings in the area!  A few more photos posted:  Click “next” in upper right to advance frames….enjoy!