Male perched on grate SW corner

August 15, 2018 in lawrence peregrines

_W7I8568-001Made a pass by the Clock Tower yesterday afternoon on the lookout for some of the peregrine falcons.  One of the adults was perched on one of the granite ledges on the NW corner. It departed in flight for a few moments, and then returned and landed onto the metal grates on the SW corner of the upper roof.


_W7I8549-001After a few adjustments, and a bit of wing flapping to maintain balance, the male adult, turned around and faced in outward direction.  The movement provided clear looks at legs and banding, and from that, an ability to see clearly that it was the adult male.  The female has been seen from time to time, but the youngsters have not been around these past few weeks, and may have dispersed early.  Will provide an update next few days on research on the varied dispersal patterns of fledglings!