Lawrence Peregrines: week of April 10, 2023

April 16, 2023 in lawrence peregrines

April 10, 2023 around 5:30PM, under clear skies, wind S at 5MPH, and temp at 34F. Observations made from South Canal Street just west of the Clock Tower. At first the male was seen perched atop the weathervane on the landmark Ayer Mill Clock Tower. For these local Peregrines, this is one of the most frequently used perch locations with excellent 360 views.

Minutes later, a second Peregrine arrived and spent time with the male, also perching on the weathervane. The two then launched in flight making large flight circles. It appeared to possible be a second year female. A bit later, three Peregrines were seen in flight with the females going at in a number of aggressive flight moves, even locking talons and rolling upside down while descending in flight. It was very dramatic. From a distance, this image below, documents the interactions close to 6:20PM.

April 12, 2023 under clear skies, wind W at 13MPH with gusts to 21MPH, temp at 70F. Observations made from South Canal Street on the west side of the Clock Tower. The male was seen perched on NW corner railing above the clock face. It had to make many adjustments due to the strong wind gusts. It lifted off in flight and provided nice views of the leg bands.

The male circled the weathervane a number of times and was in soaring mode with little wing flapping needed to maintain altitude. In this image below it was just turning on the west side of the upper roof and enjoying the wind with no distractions in sight. Minutes later, the male soared off to the NW and slowly out of sight!

April 15, 2023 under clear skies, wind NE at 10MPH, and temp at 64F. Out looking for the Peregrines on a sunny Saturday afternoon. There are many regular perch locations around the Clock Tower, and sometimes, you have to check two or three times to make sure you don’t miss. After multiple scans all around the tower, discovered the new two year old female perched on the SE corner of the roof railing, well above the clock face. She was facing NW and offered side views showing a white eyebrow and much heavier and thicker chest streaking. This female continues to be fed and cared for by the resident male, so stay tuned to see where this goes!

See you next week!