Lawrence Peregrines: tiny birds inside!

April 22, 2018 in In the Nest Box, lawrence peregrines, Peregrine Falcons Eastern Massachusetts, Peregrine Falcons Massachusetts

A beautiful Sunday morning starting off with fair skies, wind from the SW at 3MPH and temp at 37F.  Forecast calls for patchy frost before 9am. Otherwise, day ahead looks to be sunny, with a high near 60. Light west wind becoming northwest 5 to 10 mph in the morning.

2018.0422.1-001The embryo is starting to look more and more like a tiny bird.

Day 10-11:

* Three rows of feather germs are visible on the tail.

* The nictitating membranes (inner eye lids) begins to form.

2018.0422.2-001* The egg tooth begins to form.

* The bone marrow cavity of the femur begins to form.

* The leggs are bending at the knee

* Testosterone levels are rising

The little chick is starting to move in the egg. Just like a mammal embryo he is floating around in amnionfluid.

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