Lawrence Peregrines: report from battle field!

March 31, 2018 in Peregrine Falcons Eastern Massachusetts, Peregrine Falcons Massachusetts

IMG_9461Report from Elizabeth Carlson:

Good Morning! My sons and I have always been avid bird watchers, this experience is one of the top ones! Of course any pictures my son took and story can be shared. I’m just taking the lead on the emails and investigating information. It was the unrecognizable screeches that brought us outside to witness this event. The birds were the same size, but the younger clearly the advantage in aggression.  The 20 minutes on the lawn was what it took to get in touch with Tom as we tried to call animal control and were sent through a series of phone calls. The entire time the younger male stayed in close range being very intimidating vocally. The bird on the ground seemed unhurt and we sensed it appreciated our guard or else we would have backed off. Growing up around all sorts, big and small I have never seen such aggression once humans intercepted. That he flew between us was a little unnerving, and my read on the photo Rob took with the falcons stare of, ” you want to be next” message in his eyes. Rob and I feel very fortune to witness this event and the world that it has opened up for us. Thank you so much for reaching out! There is so much information, we are a little overwhelmed, or at least I am.  I hope to keep in touch and that you have a great day. For now it’s back to the live view! Thank you!