Lawrence Peregrines: male and female on Verizon Cell Tower

August 11, 2016 in Verizon Cell Tower

_W7I0510-001The Verizon Cell Tower has been a very regular perch locations for the Lawrence Peregrines these past two months.  Both the adults and two of the hatch year chicks have been seen with some frequency.  This sighting was  just the two adults.  It was nice to zero in on the alpha numeric bi-color  leg band (6/4) in the photograph and to confirm yet another sighting of this long-time male peregrine.

According to Christian Martin at NH Audubon, the male (6/4) in Lawrence was born in Manchester, NH in 2001 to a first year nesting pair. There were four chicks in the brood and he was the runt of the brood. The big question at that time, was, will this runt of the brood make it to adult life?

As of February 2012, the runt of the 2001 brood is the only one to survive from the original group. This Peregrine Falcon has a very healthy breeding history with a history starting in 2003 at this site in Lawrence.

His leg bands are 6*/4* black over green. The “*” indicates that the numbers are not vertical, but are laid over on their sides on the band. The service number on his other leg band is 2206-59866.  As of August 2016, the champion breeder has just turned 15 years old!

The second photo shows his new number one girl and the mother of the 2016 hatch year brood of 4 chicks!