Lawrence Peregrines: fledgling flight maneuvers!

June 14, 2016 in Near the Clock Tower

CF2C4620-001Like a young child learning to walk, it takes a lot of time and practice for these peregrine falcon fledglings to learn how to land smoothly and gracefully.  Quite a treat to watch three of the fledglings play around on the roof atop the west wing of the New Balance factory complex on Merrimack Street in Lawrence!

4 photos of landing sequence:

It’s important to keep in mind…that all of the falcons have the “equipment” they need to fly and flapping is pure instinct.  What is the hardest part with the initial flights is getting the hang of how to use the equipment they have–how to steer, how to glide, how to lose or gain speed and altitude and otherwise maneuver.  It can be a sharp learning curve regarding landing – honing the above skills as well as figuring out what surfaces are good and easy to land on vs. not.  

And don’t forget all of the glass windows that reflects sky that can be extremely confusing to a young, inexperienced peregrine.  City environments do present unique dangers that a wilderness cliff nest may not, but the urban habitats also have their perks in the way of abundant food, warmth and people on the ground watching out for them should they happen to end up on the ground.