Lawrence Peregrines: first to fledge – leg bands 86/BS

June 7, 2016 in On the Clock Tower

CF2C3693-001Finally, the first of the 2016 Lawrence Peregrines has fledged….last night just before sunset.  The other three remain in the nest box and have yet to make first flight as of sundown tonight.  The fledgling was bolding flapping  on the extended wooden perch yesterday afternoon.  After a diligent search both this morning and late this afternoon, the first fledgling was found on ledge just below the nest box and a bit to the east of the nest box. This ledge, like the nest box, is on the west face of the Ayer Mill Clock Tower.  The fledgling was kind enough to provide sufficient looks to make a positive ID of its leg bands, black over green, 86/BS.  Stay tuned on the siblings!