Lawrence Peregrines: a rest day between eggs!

April 8, 2018 in In the Nest Box

2018.0408.1-001Just after 6AM, had a nice look on the nest box, under fair skies, light winds from the north at 6MPH, and temps just below freezing, and a wind chill around 25F.  The female departed the nest box for a while, as is normal firth thing in the morning.  As the eggs are being laid, it is normal for the female to spend time warming the eggs, and time outside the nest box, but near by.  Whne she is up and out, it provides a nice look at the reddish brown eggs.



2018.0408.2-001In the middle of the day, she is seen incubating the eggs, with her tail pressed down firm behind her, and her wing tips a bit up in the air, all to help her keep the warm air in!  The winds remained light and temps warmed up to just over 40F.



2018.0408.3-001At the end of the day, another chance to view the eggs while the female is out on another well deserved break.  The winds had picked up quite a bit from the NW at 16MPH, and gusts up almost 25MPH.