Lawrence Peregrines: 3 hatchlings!

May 7, 2019 in In the Nest Box, lawrence peregrines

2019.0507.2-001The three chicks started the morning off being closely brooded by the female until she finally rose up and lifted after just after 7:30AM. This image shows the three little newly hatched chicks eagerly stretching their necks forward and gaping their mouths to receive the fresh prey from mother bear.  Her state green/black legs bands can be clearly seen on the left leg. Given the amazing process of carefully incubating these eggs over the last month, we now have front row seats to watch this year’s family start their lives with love, care, and tenderness from very attentive parents!  This truly is the circle of life in the animal kingdom and it is always a precious sight to behold!

Just back from being out of the country, and looking for day/time for hatching of the first three eggs.  Please send an email with info to cbgibson AT  …..many thanks!  Craig