Day 29: female leg bands!

June 11, 2018 in In the Nest Box, lawrence peregrines

Sunrise this morning was at 5:07 AM.  The peregrines started the day off with clear skies, wind from NE at 6MPH, and temp at 54F.  The day ahead calls for mostly sunny skies with a few clouds during the day, but slightly cooler compared to the weekend. Wind will be variable and on the light side. Highs near 70.

2bse3ScOQfG2ToQNf4M4yA_thumb_2bBy day 29, the chicks often have their faces largely free of down, giving them a white-capped appearance.  On their backs, the remaining down often appears to be clumped together in certain areas, with extensive areas instead revealing the dark juvenile feathers, as you see in this photos. The wing and tail feathers are developing strongly and body feathers begin to appear in lines and patches along the back and breast.  Preening becomes a major activity. Note the new leg bands on the female!!

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