Bald Eagles around the nest!

June 19, 2013 in Bald Eagle

The Bald Eagle pair continue to watch over the eaglet as it grows larger each day.  Today provided an opportunity to join others and watch the eaglet flap around the nest and perch on a number of nearby branches.  An adult returned to the nest with more food and helped the eaglet with tearing the prey apart.  Another adult arrived and then, possibly a third came by the nest site for a short visit.  One of the adults circled around the nest a few times allowing for a series of flight shots in beautiful late day light!

7 photos posted of adult in flight mode:   Click “next” upper right to advance frames

6 photos posted of adult and chick in nest:    Click “next” upper right to advance frames

5 photos posted of chick in nest moving around and flapping all over:    Click “next” upper right to advance frames