Bald Eagle, subadult

November 21, 2013 in Bald Eagle

Another wonderful morning to observe the Bald Eagles along the Merrimack River in Lawrence!  Stopped again with a short time frame to look for Bald Eagles.  Observed one adult perched on a tree branch overhanging the river.  It may have reacted to my presence at a distance of 1,000 feet, and departed downriver towards Haverhill.  As it is flying away, another possible adult Eagle is seen perched on a branch farther away.  Binoculars confirm a second adult Bald Eagle.  Minutes later, a subadult comes cruising along the south side of the river hugging the edge of the tree branches and looking down.  As it proceeds to almost over my head, it notices me watching, and does an abrupt U-turn and heads down river.  Quite a treat!  This one looked like it may have a bill that is starting to turn yellow, suggesting an older subadult.