Bald Eagle: subadult

March 12, 2014 in Bald Eagle

While watching gulls and crows peck away at a dead carp on the ice in front of the Bashara Boathouse on the Merrimack River in Lawrence this morning, noticed a likely Bald Eagle flying eastbound from Rt. 93 direction.  Reached for camera and lost sight of the eagle.  All of a sudden it was almost right overhead.  It circled the carp feeding frenzy and then lumbered down river towards the dam in Lawrence.  A few minutes later, headed to the dam and crossed over to north side for a look back at trees and ice.  Sure enough, a subadult was on the ice just west of the dam and on the south side of the river.  It was feeding on some unknown delight.  A further scan showed a second subadult nearby.  The played a bit in aerial flight near shore and then one of them flew west and the other remained near the dam.  Nice treat on the way to work!