Bald Eagle chase scene!

January 9, 2018 in Bald Eagle

_W7I0065-001An adult Bald Eagle was seen eating fish on a tree snag along the north side of the Merrimack River this morning near the Ferrous Site in Lawrence, MA.  It ripped the fish apart and constantly looked around in between bites.  It was a bright sunny morning, with clear skies, wind fromt he SW at 12MPH and temperature around 36F.

_W7I0335-001While watching the Eagle, and its many looks all around skyward, it started to make series of high-pitched calls.  Clearly, some type of threat was in the air nearby.  Stopped and looked up to find a juvenile Bald Eagle come roaring by overhead.  The adult Eagle takes off, the younger one chases in pursuit of the fish in talons of the adult; younger one then departs and flies upriver; older one swoops down and lands on the nearby ice edge where the Spicket River empties into the Merrimack River; quite a show!