Bald Eagle adult in flight!!

January 10, 2014 in Bald Eagle

Later on Friday while heading over the Parker St. (Rt.114) bridge in a southerly direction, and while looking to the east over my left shoulder, a large bird in flight comes into view.  Sure enough, an adult Bald Eagle heading west.  turned around facing north, still on the bridge, the eagle loops twice above the bridge area and then glides to a landing on a tree near Pemberton Park on the north side of the river, west of the bridge.  Make my way by car to rear of nearby building and remain in the car watching eagle for 15 minutes.  Fascinating to be so close!  On the far side of the tree, something caused the eagle to depart over the river westbound.  It then looped and headed eastbound, and then westbound one more time before heading to a perch by the dam.  A nice opportunity for some cloudy day photos!

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