Day 26: More colored feathers on breast

June 7, 2017 in In the Nest Box

2017.0607-001In their fourth week of life, the chicks undergo significant changes almost daily.  Around day 25, the brown tips to the secondaries become clearly visible, and the number of coloured feathers visible on the breast increases noticeably.  Behaviourally, they are rarely resting on their tarsi anymore at this age.

At day 26, the development continues in terms of the increasing covering of juvenile feathers on the breast.  The area on the head bare of down also continues to expand. 

Day 24: Facial pattern more evident

June 5, 2017 in In the Nest Box

2017.0605-001By day 24 the facial pattern behind the eyes is becoming increasingly evident, and some colouration is becoming visible on the upper breast as juvenile feathers develop beneath the down.   The legs are now just about fully developed, and thus banding takes place now or a few days before.  

It is fascinating to have this awesome opportunity to watch the growth and development of the chicks inside the nest box.  Here the female has brought back prey and grips it tight with her oversized left leg talons!

Day 23: Standing on their feet

June 4, 2017 in In the Nest Box

2017.0604-001As these four chicks demonstrate, they alternate between standing on their feet and resting on their tarsi.  Here, the female has arrived with prey and the four chicks all around the female but in different directions.  They are all standing and all have new leg bands! 

Day 21: First juvenile feathers start to show!

June 2, 2017 in In the Nest Box

2017.0602-001Around the three week point, the first juvenile feathers begin to poke through the down on the breast.   The chicks continue to rest on their tarsi much of the time, rather than standing on their feet, but this balance shifts quickly in the days to follow.  Today they are resting quite a bit and awaiting next feeding!

Big takeout lunch!

May 29, 2017 in In the Nest Box

2017.0529-001Around noon today, observed the female deliver a big takeout lunch to the ravenous chicks!

The feeding frenzy continues!

May 28, 2017 in In the Nest Box

2017.0528-001Around day 16, dark spots can be seen along the edges of the wings, indicating the growth of flight feathers underneath the covering of down.  The down on the head also begins to take on a rougher texture around the stage of growth!

Day 16 and growing!

May 27, 2017 in In the Nest Box

2017.0527-001Just before 6AM, the Falcon Cam showed the chicks huddled in the corner with the female perched outside the nest box, keeping a close on her brood.  Around Day 15 the chicks are beginning to enter the hunchback phase, during which they are often seen in a hunchback pose, with their feet splayed out in front and head angled forward.

4 Chicks: where did they go?

May 26, 2017 in In the Nest Box

2017.0526-001A year ago, a frantic email came in, with a desperate question from a teacher with a group of students, on what happened to the peregrine falcon chicks?  From time to time, they huddle just under the camera and just out of sight.

At first look, a regular viewer might think they  jumped from the box, or something else.

No worries, just momentarily out of sight!

Moments later the female showed up with yet another fresh catch for breakfast!

Falcon Cam provides terrific views!

May 25, 2017 in In the Nest Box

2017.0525-001As the peregrine falcon chicks approach two weeks of age, the chicks are beginning to sit upright more often, but still lean on each other, or against the nest box much of the time.  The very beginnings of wing feather development are also seen around this time!

Another morning feeding!

May 24, 2017 in In the Nest Box

2017.05.24-001The chicks are now approaching two weeks of age and growing bigger each day with nonstop appetites and feedings!