The Eaglet is closing in on fledge date!!

June 9, 2013 in Bald Eagle

The eaglet is closing in on the fldge date!  According to Birds of North America, nest departure can occur at 8–14 wk. Variability in departure date related to effects of sex and hatching order on growth and development   Adults may “encourage” nest departure by flying around nest with prey item vocalizing when young are hungry.  Fledglings may continue to use nest as feeding platform for several weeks as they gain flight and foraging skills.  Juveniles continue to grow and develop postfledging.  Mass may actually decrease or remain stable postfledging, depending on food availability and foraging ability of individual. Skeletal growth and development minimal postfledging. Muscle mass continues to develop and flight feathers fully emerge. Little data on when growth is complete in immatures.  Fledglings follow adults and may be fed by adults up to 6 wk after leaving nest

3 photos posted from early morning visit with challenging light conditions:   Click “next” upper right!