Peregrines on a Sunday morning!

February 6, 2012 in Near the Clock Tower

During a Sunday morning visit with cool temps and sunny clear skies, the Peregrines put on quite a show!  Initially they were on the rooftop pediments above 200 Merrimack Street.  Prey had been caught and breakfast time was at hand.  Then one of the peregrines was observed devouring a brown and black feathered bird. 



Then the peregrines flew off around to the side of the building.  The best vantage point was from the New Balance visitor/employee parking lot.  One of the peregrines was perched on the roof way above the New Balance entrance on South Union Street.  A security staff member from New Balance was in the lot and indicated that the peregrines have been noticed regularly by New Balance staffers in the building. 



Just a bit later one of the peregrines flew around some more and then landed in an unusual location not observed during prior visits.  It was on the roof peak of the small building occupied by B&D Advanced Warehousing at the corner of South Union and Merrimack Street.  It was at the west end of the roof peak.  It fluffed its feathers and looked like a stuffed animal from Vermont Teddy Bear Company!



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