Lawrence Peregrines: chicks under web cam

May 11, 2016 in In the Nest Box

IMG_1815A barrage of incoming emails were received this morning in regard to the Lawrence Peregrine chicks in the nest box. Many individuals and student groups have been tracking the progress of the 4 chicks.  This morning, with winds out of the NW, the chicks had hunkered down against the north wall of the nest box, which is located just under the New Balance falcon cam. If they remain still, they are out of view of the falcon cam.  It was a pleasure to respond to all the emails and to provide assurance that all was well, and that the chicks are healthy and growing bigger and stronger each day with regular feedings by both adult parents. This year, the fourth and final egg was laid on Monday, March 28th. For Peregrine Falcons, they typically incubate the eggs around 29 – 33 days prior to hatching. The chicks were right on time again, this year. The 4 chicks are healthy and doing well. They will likely fledge in the first few days of June!  In this photo, the image shows the chicks being fed just under the falcon cam.