Bald Eagle chick in nest….solo

May 20, 2013 in Bald Eagle

According to the Birds of North America, during late nestling phase, the adult female provides about twice as much food as male; adults delivered food 2–8 times/day.  Early-morning period from sunrise to mid-morning accounts for many of the daily visits to nest.  Uneaten food from nestling often buried in nest under grass and moss rather than tossed out of the nest, perhaps to avoid attraction of mammalian predators to nest site.  At end of nesting cycle, however, numerous prey remains can be retrieved from under nest. Nestlings usually defecate over side of nest, leaving a pungent spray of “whitewash” on shrubs and saplings in the understory.

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Peregrine Falcons chicks moved to new location!

May 20, 2013 in Peregrines at 250 Canal St.

After many deliberations and discussions among staff at MassWildlife, the Lawrence Peregrines nest was moved at the end of last week.  The Peregrines have been nesting in an 8th floor window box in the Ayer Mill Clock Tower on Merrimack St. in Lawrence.  In prior years the peregrines have used alternate nearby nest locations.  This year, the pair selected a nest location inside a window in an abandoned mill building.  The building is kept under extremely tight security due to a mandate from the Lawrence Police Department.  The area inside the window was observed to be so small and confining for the chicks to experience proper growth and room to move around and spread wings prior to fledging.  The MassWildlife staff knows from experience that the relocation of the nest must be withing reasonable earshot of the adult pair.  In this case, the adults found the chicks right away!

Red-tailed Hawk chicks growing!!

May 16, 2013 in Red-tailed Hawk

From Arthur Cleveland Bent: “The young, when half grown, become very lively, walking about in the nest, stretching or flapping their wings, backing up to the edge of the nest to void their excrement in a long stream far over the edge; the ground under a nest of young hawks is well decorated with a circle of white. Their eyes are very keen, and they frequently raise their heads to watch passing birds or to look for the return of their parents.”

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Bald Eagle adult and chick feeding

May 16, 2013 in Bald Eagle

According to Birds of North America, both sexes hunt and feed young. Adult brings food to nest, tears off small pieces, and delivers them to young at early age. Male provides most of food in first 2 wk, while female tends young in nest.   After 3–4 wk, female delivers as much prey as male.  After 3–4 wk, young able to peck at food but not able to tear off food and feed self until 6 wk.

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Peregrine Falcon, female perched near nest

May 16, 2013 in Peregrines at 250 Canal St.

The female continues to keep close guard around the nest.  She has numerous nearby perch locations, this one being atop a utility pole at a low elevation providing a proximate photo opportunity!  In this sequence she was perched by the window opening, a nearby ledge, and then emerges from window opening offering a clear view of her black/green V/5  leg bands.

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Peregrine chicks!!

May 15, 2013 in Peregrines at 250 Canal St.

A first glimpse at the 2013 peregrine chicks!!  They have been moving around ever so slowly and not often near the very small opening in the window.  The space is very tight allowing precious little room to grow and spread their wings.  they have been feed reugularly and continue to grow.  How exciting to have this wonderful glimspe of what now appears to be 4 chicks for this year.  In 2012, 4 eggs were laid but only 2 eggs hatched.

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Red-tailed Hawk chicks

May 14, 2013 in Red-tailed Hawk

The Hawk chciks continue to grow and it appears that there may be a thrid chick in the nest!  The female  otday brought a pigeon back to the nest and tore apart the bird to feed the eager chicks!

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Peregrine Falcon pair

May 14, 2013 in Peregrines at 250 Canal St.

The Peregrines have been staying close to the nest and caring for the 4 hatched chicks in a tight window well nest space.  This photos shows a very normal food exchange between the male and female.  The male will secure pray, in this instance a starling, and returnto the female in a perch nearby the nest.  the female then brings the pray to the nest and tears it apart to feed the chicks!

Bald Eagle chick

May 13, 2013 in Bald Eagle

The Bald Eagle chick continues to grow and add body weight.  It spends solo time in the nest while the adults are out doing the daily duties in other locations.

Red-tailed Hawk hatches chicks!!

May 13, 2013 in Red-tailed Hawk

Finally after dropping eggs around March 26th, the RTH has hatched her eggs.  For the moment it looks like 2 chicks, but it’s always important to be patient and maintain a sharp lookout for all nest activity.  The feeding activitiy has picked up during the day with many trips out and back for food.  My friends report that the first egg hatched around May 1st and they have been observing closely since then!