Peregrines stay close to nest!

April 4, 2012 in On the Clock Tower

The Peregrines continue to stay close to the Clock Tower in between shifts for incubation.  This is one of the ledges that one of them can frequently be found on in the morning time.  This ledge is on the east side of the tower and it is diagonally above and to the right of the east side clock face.  Typically one of the Peregrines will either just perch here or it will bring  prey back and enjoy a fine breakfast!

Great Horned Owl

April 2, 2012 in Nearby Landbirds

The Great Horned Owl in Methuen is still incubating eggs in the nest.  Here we are at April 1st from a starting date of around Feb. 16th when she was first observed on nest.  She is likley very close to the time when the eggs will hatch.   According to the Birds of North America Online the clutch is almost always two eggs but can range from one to four.  Incubation is almost always by the female only.  She remains on nest throughout, and the male delivers prey to her at intervals throughout night.  The first delivery generally takes place shortly after dark.